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October 9, 2019  

About us

October 9, 2019

Brian and Shauna Christian carry an atmosphere of the Father’s affirmation, a depth of revelation that shifts histories and releases an atmosphere of glory with signs that follow.  Their marriage is an example of love and unity with a testimony of what it means to walk in the grace of God.  Their hearts are for the body of Christ to come out of strife and self-condemnation and to activate the church to move in the gifts and power of the Spirit.  They love people freely with no judgment, desiring to see real relationship emerge in rightly relating to one another.  The prophetic ministry Brian and Shauna carry, breaks down walls and enables others to encounter the nature of God.  They emphasize sonship, identity, inheritance, unity and the Fatherhood of God.  Gabriel the Archangel visits Brian regularly with mysteries of eternity.  Carrying the message of the Everlasting Gospel, they are determined to prepare the body of Christ for the next great move of God that is coming upon the Earth.  This is Brians 31st year in ministry and he has been prepared through the process of fire to be able to relate to many different groups of people.  Brian and Shauna Christian have been married for 11 years and have two young boys, Ayden and Seth.  Brian and Shauna are ordained, submitted and sent out by Pastors Matt and Jes Jones of Trees Church.  They travel full time in an RV around the USA bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the church, the lost, and whosoever will receive them.

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