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March 31, 2020  
March 30, 2020  
March 29, 2020  
March 28, 2020  
March 28, 2020  

Walking in The Wack

Being wacked is a modern term that simply means drunk in the Spirit or intoxicated in the glory.  In this teaching I share the extremes as well as the purpose of being wacked out in God.  There are levels to the wack and we need to go from glory to glory within it in order to not camp out.  When we stay only in the first phase of the wack, it will eventually become escapism from actually dealing with wrong perceptions.  so kick back, take a drink, and let us enjoy walking in the wack. 

March 27, 2020  
March 26, 2020  


March 13, 2020  
March 7, 2020  
March 7, 2020  
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