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October 23, 2019  

Sons of God Session 3 (Son of Man Son of God)

Session 3 is focused on understanding the purpose of life contradictions and how they are glory for those we are sent to.  I also share part of my testimony of grace and how the process has unlocked sonship.  The fullness of God comes in the interaction of one another in the midst of tribulation.

October 22, 2019  

Sons Of God Session 2 (Orphan Versus Sonship)

In this lesson you will see how perception can either cause illusions and twisted imagery of who you are, or it can unlock the mysteries of the Kingdom; releasing dominion and fulfillment through everything you encounter.  Journey through the mind of Christ in this message of grace and hope that will cause you to cease from your own works by entering the memories of the Father.

October 22, 2019  

Sons of God Session 1 (Origin, Perception, Tribulation and Rest)

This is the first of three sessions in which I give an overview of our sonship before time.  In the beginning you were manifested in Him.  Since perception has been the place of tribulation, this session helps to deconstruct what we have been taught concerning the fall of man, the tree of knowledge, and the struggle of sin and warfare.  A little of everything as an overview of what it means to walk in Divinity and oneness in the Spirit.

October 18, 2019  

Completeness in Him

There is a balance between our personal walk with God and our corporate connection with the body of Christ. This message will help you to incorporate what it means to be complete in Christ.

October 16, 2019  
October 13, 2019  
October 13, 2019  
October 12, 2019  
October 9, 2019  
October 9, 2019  
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